Application and Required Documents

Documents Required In Order Processing Your Application

1) Last 3 years tax returns and/or balance sheet, income statement & trial balance signed by accountant
2) Current year’s quarters and last year’s quarter’s balance sheets, income statements and trial balance.
3) Tax certificate, last three years corporate tax returns.
4) Company by laws and registrations and amendments of the company structure and their publishing’s
5) Chamber of commerce certificate of authority and company’s updated list of official authority to sign.
6) Chamber of commerce registrations, and certificate of good standing
7) Shareholders, managers’ identification copies, tax id numbers, tax ID cards, residence documents and resumes.
8) General assembly attendance list for corporations and shareholders record for limited liability companies.
9) Current capacity report, Industrial registration, and other related documents
10) Company’s shareholders and managers’ real estate owned car registrations, Machinery Park, share copies and insurance policies.
11) Balance sheets and income statements of other firms controlled by shareholders and managers.
12) Proforma invoices for the goods subject to leasing and if any contract signed with seller.
13) Annual reports and brochures about your company
14) Corporate guarantors shall provide documents mentioned in articles 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-1
15) Individual guarantors shall provide documents mentioned in articles 7-10.
16) In addition to above documentation for construction companies we require Contractors license, list of projects completed and list of projects in progress, contracts for the projects in progress, machinery park.

We hereby guarantee that the information provided here and on the documents provided are true and correct to best of our knowledge. We authorize Pervin Finansal Kiralama to conduct a credit check and investigation about our company. We further guarantee that we will provide the information and documents which will deemed necessary in the future.

Legal Notice: The individuals and/or companies acting and signing on behalf of others must declare such status in writing to the authorities. Failing to do so shall be punished by law 6 months to one year imprisonment or 5000 days equivalent of monetary fine.