Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a lease?

It is an agreement to pay for the use of equipment for a specified amount, over a set period of time. Leasing is an attractive option for many businesses due to the advantages leasing offers.

2) Are there different types of leases?

Yes. There are two fundamental types of leases. A true or operating lease and a finance or capital lease. True or operating leases are usage agreements and typically fall under a Fair Market Value (FMV) or 10% Purchase Option lease. Currently we do n

3) What are the Advantages of Leasing?

Staying on top and responding to your ever changing business needs is critical. Leasing allows you to get the right equipment your business needs and quickly. Leasing provides flexible options and may allow you to incorporate add-ons and upgrades as

4) What do you lease?

We provide leasing for a variety of business equipment, real estate, automobiles and trucks etc.

5) Do you lease used equipment?

Yes, depending on the type of equipment, we provide leasing for used or refurbished equipment sold from an authorized dealer. Please call your representative in Pervin Leasing to get further details.

6) Maintenance and warranty

As the lessee you are responsible to maintain the equipment in good working order. Pervin Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. does not make any warranties nor provide any maintenance. Any licensing and warranties offered by the suppliers or manufacturers are pass

7) What is the maximum tenure of a leasing contract ?

There is no set limit for the number of payments divided into monthly payments. It is our general policy to stay within limits of 36 to 48 months leasing contracts.

8) Can I sign-up for a foreign currency leasing contract?

Yes. We perform leasing contracts in US Dollars, Euro or in Turkish Lira. Please keep in mind that you may asked to proof us the foreign currency source of your company to secure our payments in the future and protect you from foreign currency fluctu

9) Is it possible to adjust my payments according to my collections?

Yes. Please ask one of our representatives for a flexible payments plans. We will be delighted to tailor a specific payment plan according to your companies needs.

10) Can I lease products for my personal use?

Leasing law allows leasing companies to write up commercial leasing agreements. There are no wording in law against personal leasing transactions however we prefer to work with corporations, commercial entities and companies registered under individu

11) Who can lease?

Any business, organization, association, or government entity upon credit approval may lease equipment for business purposes.

12) Who selects the equipment?

You do! You are able to choose the equipment and the supplier. You can obtain and lease equipment from more than one supplier.

13) Does it cost more to lease?

Leasing is a practical way to use new equipment and compares favorably with other forms of financing, costing you about the same. Businesses choose to lease for cash flow purposes along with the other advantages listed under the Advantages of Leasing

14) How much can I finance?

The amount of money you can borrow, commonly known as your ‘Borrowing Capacity’, differs from lender to lender. Some lenders will lend you more than others. To establish your approximate Borrowing Capacity contact us for a more specific overview for

15) What happens when I complete an application form?

Once you have completed your online application form and e-mailed us, a team member will be in contact with you to answer any immediate questions you may have and arrange a convenient time and discuss the appropriate finance. These consultations are

16) Is leasing complicated?

Not at all, is it quite simple, especially with Pervin Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. You may be required with other lenders mounds of paperwork and take more time for decisions, possibly days or weeks. Pervin Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. however, has a simple app

17) Can I cancel my lease?

It is a non-cancelable agreement. You may however payoff the lease at anytime during your lease term.

18) Can my lease be paid off early?

Yes. You may request a payoff at anytime by phone at call center 444-0366, email at or fax a request to 216-576-2351.

19) Are there any penalties if I pay off early?

Incase of a early pay off you will never owe more than your obligation written in the original lease contract.

20) Can I move my equipment?

Yes, upon our written authorization and notification of insurance company. We ask that you contact us prior to moving the equipment for approval and furnish us with the new physical location and additional contact information.

21) What happens at the end of my lease?

After clearing all outstanding balances and dues, taxes, etc. we issue an invoice for the symbolic sale price mentioned in the lease contract. Once you receive and pay off the final amount the equipment is your. If it is a vehicle we will transfer th

22) What are the Lessor's responsibilities?

- Customer Assistance - Lease documentation - Vendor Payment Any other tax i.e. Property Tax Compliance, motor vehicles tax compliance, import & export tax compliance, maintenance, warranty, insurance a

23) What are the Lessee's responsibilities?

The lessee is obligated to pay all obligations, including contractual provisions pertaining to taxes, insurance, maintenance cost and other expenses relating to the use of the equipment during the lease term. Since the equipment is the lessee's posse

24) The lessee must also inform the lessor of:

- Any change in contact information - Any relocation of the equipment/business - Any change or control of ownership of the lessee's business - Any material change in the condition of the business