Advantages of Leasing

100% financing for your projects ;

You may finance full amount of your investment including transportation and other expenses. This will allow your company to preserve cash in hand and your capital.

Flexible installment plan;

We will tailor your installment plan according to your company’s cash flow and seasonal needs.

Long term and Mid-term financing for your investments;

You may realize your investments in Turkish Lira or in foreign currency with a long term financing facilities.

Your installment payment shall be fulfilled by your investments ;

Reasonable installments will allow you to pay back your monthly installments from the earnings of your investment.

VAT advantage;

According to the legislation some investments goods are subject to 1% VAT in leasing contracts instead of 18% VAT.

Operational ease;

Our professional operations department staff executes your purchasing, import, transportation, custom clearing and government incentive certificates in swift manner. Therefore your company will save time and effort completing such complex tasks.


The amortization shall be entered into lessees’ books for the leased goods. At the same time interest portion of your payments may be deducted as expense.

Tax & government cuts.;

According to leasing legislation leasing contracts and collateral and attachments in a leasing transaction are exempt from taxes and government cuts.

Fixed payment;

Your monthly installments are fixed for the entire life of your leasing contract.

Lease buy-out (Transfer of Ownership);

Lessee shall purchase leased goods at the end of the lease term for a symbolic amount of money.